I Like my Pants, Like I Like my Soul


“Black pants suit, sexy pumps

Take me out  to a power lunch”

-Beth Ditto

Let’s talk about black pants. Why? Why not?

Apparently #FashionFriday is a thing in the blogosphere and I know that you know that I love clothes (fast fashion shit I can afford) and Fashion (designer shit I can’t) so I thought maybe I would give this Fashion Friday thing a go.

Since I’m just starting out, let’s keep this first post simple and there is no item of clothing more simple to me then the black work pant. Comfortable (if you do it right), goes with almost anything, and appropriate for all seasons.

That’s why they are a staple of many working women’s wardrobes. They are certainly a staple of mine. In fact, I’m currently wearing the exact same black pants to work that I wore yesterday.

What!? Ew, No! I didn’t wash them. Work pants only need to be washed approximately every three wears or they get tight and make the wearer feel fat which nobody needs that at 7:00 am, amirite?


Black pants, flats, and a blouse or sweater is essentially my work uniform. When I walk the streets of D.C. on any weekday, it’s evident that it’s the uniform for most women here regardless of age, profession, style, or desired level of effort.

In a quick and very unscientific pole of my office mates four women said that black pants were the one office wardrobe item they couldn’t live without. One woman said black tights because she never wears pants, which I’m counting for my side. The other woman I asked said her fleece patchwork jacket, which, you do you hun…

A simple Google search for women’s black work pants yields 5,740,000 results. That’s a lot of choices.

Since I would love to be someone’s, ANYONE’s, personal online shopper, below is a list of my fave black pants that I think make dressing for work super comfortable,super easy, and sorta chic.

Cropped kick flares – The cigarette or skinny pant style has been replaced over the last couple of years by the more modern kick flare: cropped style with a gentle flare starting just below the knee. This style works great with heels and flats and is super flattering.

I own a version of these pants from the Gap (the dirty ones I’m wearing right now actually) and they are AMAZING. Comfortable and flattering and priced very nicely. I also think most things from the Gap fit pretty true to size. So there is no vanity sizing, “humility” sizing, and no mysteries when shopping online.

The “almost” legging or legging with pockets – The almost legging is perfect for cold winter days. Super comfortable and stretchy. Thick and opaque. Looks like real pants because of the pockets. Fits nicely under an over sized sweater or tunic. And fits nicely inside boots without bunching.

I have these pants from Loft. I love them. They are perfect for cold, rainy or snowy days and fit so well inside my work ankle boots without creating the dreaded bunch. They are very thick and look “pretty” much just like pants unless someone gets too close. And if they do, tell that creeper to back off. I hesitate to wear these with flats or heels because they are very tight and that might come across looking a little out of place at work. I do think LOFT offers vanity sizing so keep that in mind when purchasing online.

The long-leg wide-leg pant – The long-leg wide-leg pant can be a bit challenging. It’s tough to find a pair that doesn’t do wretched things to your thighs. But if you can find the perfect fit, I think the long –leg wide-leg makes you look and feel tall, elegant, and bit more dressed up then the other two options. I like to wear these when I need to be a little dressed up for work.  I will also pair them with a silky tank and wear them out. Their downfall is that, to do them right, they typically require a fairly high-heel which makes them impossible for commuting.

I have these pants from H&M and I don’t love them but I like them a lot. They fit very well through the thigh and are a good length for me at 5’7 especially with a pointy toe pump. They have a very very high waist though which is fine for sucking things in but not so great for tucking things in, which I love to do with a wide leg trouser.  They fill the need for right now so I’ll keep them around until I find something better.

I think this goes without saying because I currently have zero readers but I’m only making recommendations for fun and am in no way affiliated with these brands.

You might also be interested in the fantastic piece from The Cut about the “Great Moments in Pants History”.


Happy #FashionFriday!


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