Sick but Pretty is an online community where women share their ideas, experiences, art and creative writing. Here we celebrate women and the interesting, beautiful, multi-faceted lives they lead.

Who Are We?

BEE – Editor & Chief

Bee lives in the DC metro area with her husband and her dog, in an overpriced condo in an overpriced city. She loves all things food & wine, travel & adventure, clothes & fashion, and arts & culture. She also loves just generally being a bougie bitch.

The only difference between Bee and most of her fellow millennials is that she’s currently battling Stage IV Cervical Cancer. You can read more about that depressing shit here, if you’d like.


Althea – Althea is a fierce, advanced-beyond-her-years soul with an explorer’s intuition of where music and community are merging. She loves to travel, embrace new cultures, and meet new people. She is our self-proclaimed resident music expert. She is known to her friends as the cultivator of fun and “can make anything happen”. The silver tongue she- devil that you want riding shot gun when the end of world comes to an end. She’ll open up your eyes to new experiences that you may have missed!

Pixie – Pixie is a multi-faceted, ever evolving, supernatural entity who is comprised of the following elements: sunshine, style, satire, sex appeal, sugar and spice, sass, showmanship. She loves life to the fullest and never misses an opportunity for adventure.